This is your last chance
to back out.
You are being given the chance
to admit you are not
who you say you are.
Once again,
You must be 18 years old to enter
Forced Entry Records.
Don't say you haven't been warned.
I'm telling you now,
There might be potential side effects
to this web site.
The content contained herein
could possibly result in some
discomfort, including
nausea, hearing loss,
hairy palms, sweaty underarms,
5 o'clock shadow, panting,
reluctance to believe in god,
strong desire to believe in god
distrust of your parents,
distrust of your kids,
sobering up,
getting an education,
and thats just to name a
few of the sordid possiblities.
Forced Entry Records
will not be held responsible
for any side effects
that weren't mentioned above
that might occur.
So now you have to make the weighty
decision to admit
you are old enough to be registered
to vote in the United States of America,
thereby supposedly legitimizing
the notion that you,
the reader,
are a trustworthy enough
individual to be allowed to
participate in the
this here republic.
Meaning that you are
exercising your right
to think for yourself,
whether or not you are
actually encouraged to
do so notwithstanding.
Now then, having put forth
all the necessary rhetoric
my only advice is
You can't be something you're not
'Nuff said


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