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Today is Today

We here at Forced Entry Records
are have worked hard to comply
with the United States Secret Service's
recommendations that we quit bitching
about our government's policies.
Parodies are apparently frowned upon these days.
Please bear with us as we
bend over and take it like
the patriots we are.

Forced Entry Records would like to
congratulate our great and powerful
President Bush and company on
a job well done in Iraq.
Continued success is wished for
in the upcoming military
campaigns in Iran and Syria.

On a lighter note, Forced Entry Records
would like to make it clear we intend
no harm, physically or otherwise
to anyone; human, animal, plant,
or presidential.
Any comments or images on these pages
which might offend or frighten
anyone are to be taken with
the utmost sense of humor.
If you don't find any of this
amusing at all, or you have no sense of humor,
or if you just plain can't take a joke,
I mean, really its all a BIG damn parody,
Nothing serious, No harm intended,
None of this stuff really happens,
Nothing is real...........
Its allllllllll make believe...........

Ok one last thing.
All images of actual people on this site
who might be baring a nipple,
or butt, or that sort of thing,
are AT LEAST 18 years of age.
So yea...........

We return to
regular F.E.R. programming
better than ever.
Let's cheer for
our country's attempt at
World Domination
even harder than the Fox News channel,
and that's no small feat!


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If you are at least 18,